We are Currently Under Construction right now.  Call it more of a building site with some rooms already finished.  You just need to look around and see which ones are ready to see.
The aim will be to provide a useful source of information mainly relating to the Industrial and Commercial aspects of 3-Dimensional Modelling.
Source information will mainly be aimed at Parametric Based Solids Modeling using systems such as AutoDesk Inventor®, AutoCAD®, Mechanical Desktop®
Derivatives of these would be suitable for use with Catia, Solidworks, Pro-Engineer using their native formats or the compatibilities of STEP, ACIS, STL, DXF and DWG Formats.
Either way.  There should be something useful for everyone from Student to Professional.
Services will include links to useful sites offering services such as CAD Conversion, Model Healing, Rapid Prototyping, CAD Staff, and Custom Model Creation.
The Gallery will provide a place for people to share their achievements, and perhaps be useful for those who want to show their talents to prospective new employers.  It does not matter which industry you come from, Industrial, Commercial or Visual.

It's all a 3D world  - Model in 3D too!™

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